Local filmmaker Gavin Booth returned home to shoot his latest movie.

The Amherstburg native has been filming "Last Call" in Windsor over the summer. It's about a man who calls a suicide hotline.

"It developed into a man who misdials and ends up connecting to a night janitor at a college,” says Booth. The woman who answers the phone realizes what he's up to and tries to keep him on the line and save his life."

It's written by Booth and David Wilkens, who is also starring in the film with Sarah Booth.

"David came to me with the idea of doing something in real time, which means there's no edits. So the film runs for the 80 or 90 minutes and in a single take," says Booth, who now lives in Los Angeles.

The challenge was shooting it in split screen, which means there were two cameras running in a single take for the entire duration of the movie.  

 "This is unlike any challenge I've ever taken on and it's been months of preparation, you know, a few weeks of rehearsing the technical side of things and we're small and scrappy on a tiny indie budget,"says Booth.

Booth says he loves shooting in Windsor.

"The generosity from local businesses and the apartment that we're standing in we worked out a great deal for, St. Clair College with the Mediaplex has been great letting us use their building as the location,"says Booth.

Booth has given some of the St. Clair students their first taste of being on a real film set.

"It's really a first step towards each film that we come back and do, finding better ways to integrate students," he says. 

Tackling the subject of suicide is a task Booth says they handle with sensitivity.

"Ultimately even though it’s a very dark subject matter, there is positivity and hope, that we hope comes out of the story and what people will recognize in just the kindness of strangers,"he says.

Filming wrapped up last week. The next step is sound mixing, doing a live score. They will try to find a buyer that wants to release the film and start submitting to festivals in the winter.

 "With past success with Scarehouse and other films that our production team has put together we'll find a good home for it," says Booth.