WINDSOR, ONT. -- The city is investing millions of dollars into the sewer system along Ojibway Parkway.

Windsor mayor Drew Dilkens says the sewer has rapidly deteriorated, which has ruined the concrete.

He says chemicals in the sewer weakened the system.

Replacements will be made as well as lining other portions of the sewer systems for a cost of $3 million.

Dilkens tells CTV News the city is aware of where the chemicals are coming from.

“The problem is today our sewer by law allows for these businesses to put these chemicals into the sewer system for treatment at the waste treatment plan,” says Dilkens. “So what we really need to do is look at the sewer bylaw to make sure that we’re not allowing those things to enter the sewer system because the cost of replacement is astronomical and certainly not something we want to do every 10 years.”