A Windsor infant with a rare genetic disorder has found a bone marrow match.

CTV Windsor first brought you Madalayna Ducharme's story a few months ago -- when her parents, Tamara and Charles made a plea for people to become bone marrow and stem cell donors.

It was on the heels of them learning Madalayna suffers from a rare genetic disorder called malignant infantile osteopetrosis. The side effects cause progressive vision and hearing loss, bone density and could potentially be fatal.

Doctors contacted the family this week – and Ducharme is already undergoing treatment and is being prepped for the bone marrow transplant.

CTV News spoke with the family -- and they are elated with the news, but the Ducharme's excitement is tempered by a fear of what lies ahead.

“We're a little scared at the same time because of the stuff she has to go through,” says Tamara Ducharme. “She has a regiment she has to go through before she can get this transplant.”

That includes heavy doses of chemotherapy, with potential side effects, before a bone marrow transplant can take place.

“Chemo is not going to be pretty,” says Tamara Ducharme. “She's a happy little girl, she cries once in a while like a regular child, she's going to be very ill and I don't know if I'm ready for that."

For now, they will borrow strength from their warrior princess.

"I like to look at her cute little face and get those smiles from her," said Madalayna's father, Charles. "Because we know that soon, shortly, it's going to be a difficult time, and we just want to be able to sock up all these happy, healthy looking moments and enjoy ourselves while we can."

A fundraiser to help cover the Ducharme family's travel costs will be held on April 1 from 4-8 at Parkwood Gospel Church.

Tamara Ducharme took to Facebook this morning to provide the good news. "We are sending big THANKS to all who have supported us, got swabbed, volunteered and donated blood," she posted.