Some residents in Windsor suggest the infamous ‘Windsor Hum’ is back with a vengeance.

“The Windsor Hum is back, some nights worse than others, but it is definitely back,” says Mark Steven, who lives along the Detroit River near the University.

Steven tells CTV Windsor he started to notice the return of the hum about eight days ago.

“My wife was up last night. She was complaining most of the night that it was keeping her awake.”

Windsor West MP Brian Masse is calling on the Trudeau government to take action.

“The activity is still there. Unfortunately we still don't have an answer from the government with regards to what they are doing,” says the New Democrat Member of Parliament, who claims to have fielded a number of calls about the disturbing noise since the beginning of 2018.

The hum has been compared to the sound of an idling truck. It's an issue that first gained attention more than five years ago.

A 2014 study concluded the noise was coming from across the Detroit River on Zug Island.

Masse suggests it should be called the ‘Detroit Hum’ since that is where the noise originates.

“We’re going to take it to the minister (Chrystia Freeland, Minister of Foreign Affairs) one more time to actually have her explain to Canadians what she's been doing in the last year,” says Masse, who points to the lack of an international treaty between Canada and the United States regarding sound and vibration as a major barrier to finding a solution.  

Essex New Democrat MP Tracey Ramsey started a petition in August that seeks an update from the federal government on the issue.

“I hope someone does something about it,” adds Steven. “That would be nice.”