One person is in custody after police say a homeowner wrestled a break and enter suspect to the ground at a residence near Ford City.

Officers were called to the 1100 block of Hickory Road on Monday, around 2:15 p.m. for a report of trouble unknown. When officers arrived they found two men holding another man down on the ground.

It all started when J.P. Bonyai says he was half awake and noticed a man ducking his head into his home from the back door which was unlocked. “I was just there dozy, kinda half awake, half asleep, and out of my peripheral I noticed a blur.”

Bonyai says he’s had number of break-ins and installed cameras around his homes to catch the crooks.

The video showed a suspect going to a kitchen counter where Bonyai says he left money, and that’s when Bonyai says he began his struggle. "First thing came to mind, he's not getting away. This one is not getting away I'm holding him until the police come.

The fight continued outside, when a neighbour called police and helped the victim pin the suspect to the ground until authorities arrived.

Bonyai received a cut hand and broken window for his troubles.

He says his home has been broken into six times and has had items stolen from his yard at least 12 times.

While thankful for the passersby who stopped to help, Bonyai says he’s fed up with the neighbourhood and has put his home up for sale.

Bonyai says the suspect tried to convince police both he and Bonyai were friends who had gotten into a fight, but the surveillance video backed-up Bonyai version of events.

Michael Crawford, 42, of Windsor was arrested and charged with break and enter and assault with a weapon.