The City of Windsor is getting another $3 million in funding to continue the reconstruction of Huron Church Road.

Mayor Drew Dilkens posted a picture on social media Monday of a notification letter from Ontario Minister of Transportation Caroline Mulroney.

The letter, which the city received on July 22, says the project qualifies for funding under the 2019-20 Connecting Links Program.

"Those are huge dollar projects and realistically we probably couldn't do those projects in this kind of time frame without those funds," says Dwayne Dawson, Windsor's Executive Director of Operations.

This new project will focus on a stretch of Huron Church from Malden Road to Pool Avenue.

Dawson tells CTV News the project is planned for next year and should be shorter than the last.

"This job is a little easier than the last one in the fact that there are no intersections involved," says Dawson. "So, there will be no traffic signals which added to some time at the end of the project trying to get all the traffic signals and that infrastructure in place. This one is just a straight road reconstruction."

The previous phase or Huron Church construction wrapped up mid-July.

That stage of the work was delayed past the initial three-month timeline due to excessive rain and the complexities of the work

The city already used $3 million from the provincial government's Connecting Links program to help fund the $5.5-million project.