The Game MD was the victim of a meticulously planned break-in over the weekend and police say close to $75,000 worth of video games and equipment was stolen.

Owner Roy McLean had to close his shop Monday after thieves cut through his store's wall to get their hands on hundreds of games including one considered a hot new item. 

"This is where they entered…they smashed a hole through the concrete block, they made their way inside, they smashed the alarm system, and then they shopped.”

There's a boarded up hole in the side of the business, a trail of dry wall and empty store shelves inside.

McLean says the thieves got away with a hot item in the gaming world, about 150 pre-orders of Call of Duty Ghosts.

"We were going to have a midnight launch for this game and I expected to have 100-130 people lined up outside my door," McLean says, but he’s had to cancel the launch party. 

Employee Jennifer Brownell says "Honestly I cried for an hour…going through all our empty cases and seeing all the games that I love. It broke my heart."

And Windsor police say the thieves got away with another important item, the hard drive that stored the security video.

"They took all the evidence with them," McLean explains. “It is heartbreaking. As a sole proprietor they didn't steal from a company, they stole from me."

And McLean says what's more upsetting is the person responsible had to be someone he knows since they knew exactly where everything was and how to break in without setting off the alarm. 

Windsor police are warning gamers to be on the look-out for people trying to sell games.

Sgt. Matthew D’Asti says "Someone might be trying to sell them for a discounted rate and if that’s the case people should be suspicious of that and they should call us."

So far no arrests have been made, and McLean says he's sharing his story in the hopes that people who come across someone suspiciously selling games will call police.