Some Windsor firefighters are under investigation by Windsor city officials over an allegation of cheating.

An audio recording has surfaced, purporting to be of some firefighters discussing an upcoming internal test.

The recording has now been handed over to city hall.

“It’s a personnel matter,” says Helga Reidel, Chief Administrative Officer with the city. “I won't get into details, specifically because it is an unproven complaint.”

Windsor Professional Firefighters Association president Angelo Gertsakis says the recording came to his attention about four months ago.

“We brought it forward to our fire chief, who brought it to his chief and that’s why the investigation is proceeding,” says Gertsakis.

Gertsakis will only say the recording has evidence of alleged cheating by firefighters involved in the conversation. He won't specify how many firefighters are a part of it, but does say none are managers. All are members of the Windsor Professional Firefighters Association.

“What I can say is that the fire association has filed a complaint with us and as is the case with all complaints, we will investigate it,” says Reidel.

“We'll find out and see where the investigation takes us and we'll do our best for our members after its done,” says Gertsakis.

While the investigation continues, Reidel says the identities of the people involved will be kept private.

“It’s a confidential matter, until there's reason to report this to the community, if there is something valid to the complaint,” says Reidel.

Gertsakis says while he is disappointed with the recording and subsequent investigation. He adds it’s the first he's ever heard of something like this.

It’s not clear how long the investigation will take and if any of it will ever become public knowledge.

A call by CTV News to Fire Chief Bruce Montone was not returned.

CTV News has not heard the contents of the recording and has not been able to independently verify its authenticity.