Windsor parents are launching a $12-million lawsuit against two local school boards after claims of bullying against their 12-year-old son.

The statement of claim names the Windsor Essex Catholic School Board, the Greater Essex County District School Board, Tecumseh Vista Academy, St. Peter Catholic School and several administrators and teachers.

The lawsuit alleges 12-year-old Anthony Aquino “was physically and/or mentally assaulted and/or abused” while at Tecumseh Vista from September 2011 until February 2012 and while at St. Peter from August 2012 until present. The claim says as a result of the bullying, Aquino sustained serious and permanent personal injuries and damages.

"It hasn't been very nice, because a lot of times I just want to go home and cry, because I'm getting made fun of," says Aquino.

The defendants knew or ought to have known of the bullying and failed and/or neglected and/or refused to stop the bullying, according to the lawsuit.

“We're going after the school and the school boards for being negligent in the sense that they're not doing their part to stop bullying once it starts happening," says Aquino’s lawyer Daniela Cervini.

The lawsuit alleges Aquino suffered injuries to his arms, feet, head and gums, along with depression, anxiety, moodiness, diminished self-esteem and psychological injuries.

His parents, Anthony Sr. and Donna Aquino allege they have undergone emotional distress and have suffered a loss of companionship with their son.

"I've approached them, I've asked them if they've done any studies, and they don't," says Anthony Aquino Sr.

He says his son has been diagnosed with multiple attention disorders.

"He was evaluated in the third grade finally, and determined he had ADHA, impulsivity, OCD and anxiety issues," says Anthony Aquino Sr.

Officials with the public board are aware of the lawsuit and say they can’t comment on the issue. The Catholic board has not returned phone calls from CTV News.