A Windsor family has been through a lot over the past year, including the recent loss of their daughter to ovarian cancer.

But right now, the Roberts family is lamenting the loss of something else dear to them -- some of their fondest photographic memories of their daughter Kyra, before she got sick.

The photos were stored on a small, 32 GB jump drive, which was in Brenda Roberts’ van. The vehicle was broken into sometime during the evening of Dec. 12. at the 1900 block of Ford Drive. Many things were taken from the van, but nothing as important as what was on that memory stick.

"I felt like somebody had punched me in the stomach," Brenda Roberts recalls.

Her daughter, Kyra, passed away from ovarian cancer in August of this year. She was 25.

“She fought a three year battle,” Roberts told CTV News. “With her being in those pictures, and my mom, they're both gone now, so you can't re-take them."

The Roberts had other copies of those photos, but they were lost to recent basement flooding. The photos on the jump drive were snapped during a family trip to New Zealand, a special memory for the entire family.

“Those pictures mean a little bit more, because they were her before she got sick, you know, happy times, it was the summer that she was graduating from high school," Roberts said.

Roberts has filed a police report but has no intentions of pressing charges.

"No hard feelings, no malice, nothing, just give us back our jump drive."

The missing USB stick is blue and white, 32 gigabytes and is either Sandisk or Lexar brand.

If you find the device, you can get in touch with Brenda Roberts here.