WINDSOR, ONT. -- The Costello family in Windsor is pleading with the federal government for a border exemption on compassionate grounds.

“I would love to see my parents. The number one thing is to see my parents,” Diane Costello said.

Diane is in hospice care and wants to see her parents, who live in Michigan, one last time.

“They brought me into this world and I just want them to see me and I just want to say goodbye,” she said.

However, COVID-19 restrictions have shut down the border until Sept. 21. So the family has applied to the Public Health Agency of Canada for an exemption.

“It’s kind of a waiting game right now. Time is not on our side so it’s kind of hard,” said Shayla Costello.

Diane's daughter, Shayla wants to see her mother's dying wish granted.

“We reached out to Justin Trudeau, we’ve reached out to the public health, just about anyone we can to try to get this exemption,” said Shayla.

Diane was diagnosed with colorectal cancer just over two years ago. In March doctors told her her treatment had stopped working and there are no other options. Diane has been in Hospice of Windsor for almost three weeks.

“She’s in end of life care. We don’t know how much longer she has,” said Shayla.

Shayla says despite her grandparents own health issues, if they were granted the exemption they could start their quarantine immediately.

“If they say it would take three weeks then I would have my grandparents come here, quarantine at my house then they can see my mom in 15 days, if it ultimately takes three weeks.” 

The paperwork for an exemption was filled out this week, but Diane says she still has no answer. “I filled out the proper application and I haven’t heard anything since Wednesday. We tried contacting the office with no response.” 

Shayla hopes their fight to reunite her mother with her parents will pay off for other cross-border families.

“There’s so many other people there in the same situation as us and we’re not only fighting for ourselves, but everyone who is separated by the border closures, it’s such a hard time.”

“I am hoping. I won’t give up,” Diane said. “I’m not giving up to the very end.”