A Windsor family has launched a foundation to help educate and raise awareness about those living with Down Syndrome.

Matthew and Stephanie Seguin have started "The Chasing Hazel Foundation.”

It is named after their daughter Hazel, who was diagnosed with Down Syndrome shortly after she was born five years ago.

The foundation will advocate for inclusion on all levels and compassion as a means to strengthen the community as whole.

The Seguin’s vision for the future is for the world to be a more accepting place for people with Down Syndrome, where potential is highlighted.

“It’s about celebrating all that individuals with down syndrome give to our community and all that they do and their families and how much we all value them” says Stephanie Seguin.

The foundation also offers social playgroup sessions to young families that have children with Down Syndrome.

Tuesday is World Down Syndrome day, and the family will take part in the “Rock Your Socks” campaign.

They urge others to wear funny looking socks in support of people with Down Syndrome and their families.