WINDSOR, ONT. -- While certain businesses were given the okay from the province to reopen Monday, others spent the day preparing for the start of the season.

Despite not knowing when opening day will be, the crew at Roseland Golf and Curling Club are preparing for the first tee time by cutting and grooming the greens.

“The grounds crew is cutting the turf, spraying the greens, working on the bunkers and traps. They're preparing the golf course for exceptional playing conditions for our golfers,” said general manager Dave Deluzio.Roseland Golf and Curling Club

He said he has spoken to fellow pros in provinces that are golfing and anticipates a different model of play when they open.

“Twenty-minute tee time intervals,” Deluzio said. “Traditionally we're 8-9 minutes. One player per power cart.”

Colleen Gammy, owner of Island View Marina, is in the same boat when it comes to not knowing when they can open their business.

“Normally by now we have a lot of boats in right now,” she said. “There's none so we're happy that we can finally put them in and get the season started.”

The time off has allowed Gammy to build up her docks and deal with the high water levels.

She doesn’t anticipate any changes to her business flow, but said the way people spend their time on the water will be different as they won’t be able to go out with a big group of friends like they used to.

Provincial Nursery and Garden Centre saw a steady stream of customers Monday after opening its curbside pickup area.

“It's really great to be out and moving again moving some product because we grow some of our product as well and customers are very thankful,” said owner Vera Dimenna.

Dimenna said she was a bit frustrated this past weekend seeing garden centres attached to grocery stores allowing customers to roam.

“I would like to see that change,” she said. “If it's a garden centre that's only supposed to do curb side or delivery then it should apply to every location and not just garden centres specifically.”

In addition to garden centres, lawn care and landscaping companies, essential construction projects, car washes, and auto dealerships (by appointment only) were able to reopen Monday, while golf courses and marinas are permitted to prepare for the season.