Public school board trustees voted on Tuesday evening in favour of another accommodation review which would affect hundreds of students.

Administration predicts a decline of student spaces in the next decade.

Superintendent of education, Todd Awender, says a total of eight schools, three in Forest Glade and five in Leamington, are being reviewed.

He says schools in Leamington are operating with a 79 per cent utilization rate.

The review suggests Mill Street School could close and consolidate with Mount Carmel Blytheswood and Queen Elizabeth.

In addition, Gore Hill Public School and M.D. Bennie would also consolidate into a new building.

The three schools in Forest Glade have a 67 per cent utilization rate.

The review suggests Parkview School and Eastwood consolidate into one building.

Forest Glade School would become a newly-built school for JK to Grade 8.

Parents, teachers, principals and community leaders will now come together to form various committees.

The first public meeting discussing the consolidation in Forest Glade will take place on February 8th.

The following day, on the 9th, a public meeting will be held to discuss the future of the schools in Leamington.