CTV is proud to be part of National Bullying Awareness Week. It's part of a community initiative, The Pledge to End Bullying, kicking off in Windsor-Essex Tuesday.

Since the campaign started in 2011, more than 140,000 people in southwestern Ontario have signed up.

Both Windsor Regional and Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital will be taking 'The Pledge.'

"We have mental health experts at both organizations that talk about the fact that bullying can have a significant impact on someone's mental state," says Steve Erwin, manager of communications and community relations at Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital.

"Whether it's a kid or adult at a work place, bullying can have an effect, a short-term effect and lingering effect in terms of your self esteem, your confidence," adds Erwin.

Meanwhile, a dancing flash-mob broke out during lunch at FJ Brennan Catholic High School where the senior dance class wore red for cyber-bullying awareness on Monday.

"We're Brennan and we're Cardinals, so a sea of Red is always nice to see!" says Cathy Krebs-Cholubko, a teacher at Brennan.

As The Pledge kicks off Tuesday, organizers and sponsors hope the campaign empowers the community to demonstrate opposition to bullying in all forms.

"Anywhere we can talk about this issue and make sure it isn't taboo anymore, it's something we can talk about openly and work together to prevent it," says Erwin.