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Windsor-Essex deemed endemic area for ticks. Here’s what WECHU wants you to know:

Protecting yourself against ticks

The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit is reminding residents to be careful of ticks when spending time outside.

The region has been deemed an endemic area for ticks, so officials say it's important to take precautions outdoors.

Some tips include:

  • Wear long-sleeve clothing
  • Avoid bushy areas
  • Wear DEET, if the user’s age is over six months
  • When you get home, check your kids, pets and yourself for ticks
  • If you find one don't be afraid to remove it yourself. You can use a tick key or tweezers. Everything should be cleaned. Use alcohol swabs to clean it and make sure you get the full body of the tick. Don't wiggle and squeeze, because you want to get the head out as well as the body. You don't want any part left inside.

How can I have the tick identified?

If you are interested in having the tick identified, is a free online service that uses a photograph of the tick to identify its type.

The health unit is no longer accepting ticks for identification or testing through the passive tick surveillance program. Top Stories

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