A local animal rescue operation is on a mission to save as many animals as possible in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian.

Second Chance Animal Rescue Windsor-Essex is one of several non-profit groups heading to the hard hit areas.This is a unified rescue mission with Coalition of Intario Rescues for Emergency Support.

Local volunteer Jodie Christian expects to bring back more than 70 dogs that will need new homes.

“I've been to Freeport and to see the images, the aerial views of what it is now, is awful,” says Christian.

Donations are being collected for both pets and people until Sunday.

Christian says food, leashes and crates are all welcome donations as are essentials like soap and shampoo, hygiene products, diapers, first aid kits and batteries.

Christian says hearing of the Liolli family's loss has moved people to action. Alishia Sabrina Liolli, of LaSalle, was killed in the Bahamas as a result of the hurricane.