An altercation at a Windsor dog park has gone viral.

The video shows a heated exchange between two dog owners at Memorial Park, as their pets display aggressive behaviour. It is getting lots of attention on social media.

In the video, it’s hard to tell if the dogs are playing or actually fighting, but one thing is clear - the behaviour is aggressive.

At least one owner says it never should have happened.

Two larger dogs can be seen chasing a smaller dog. 

According to the small dog’s owner Matt Clingan, what happened next wasn't just another day at park.

“My dog was playing and all of a sudden two dogs attacked him unprovoked,” says Clingan, who posted the video on his Facebook page.

It’s not clear what happens next, the video gets covered up, but the smaller dog can be heard squealing as both dog owners exchange heated words.

“I was trying to get away,” says Clingan. “They were jumping up and biting at him.”

Windsor/Essex County Humane Society executive director Melanie Coulter says she is aware of the video.

“It’s hard to tell if aggression or different playstyle and different size between the two,” says Coulter.

Today, Clingan’s dog Chase is only nursing a bruised ego, but his owner still isn't happy.

“The sad thing is the whole thing was avoidable because this area was for small dogs and they weren’t supposed to be here to begin with,” he says.

Veterinarian Dr. Jim Sweetman advises all of his clients to avoid dog parks.  Aside from the health hazards, he says they're too risky.

“As soon as you mix diff size dogs, temperaments of dogs, someone is going to get hurt and it could be human,” says Sweetman.

Already this year, he's treated two dogs for injuries suffered in fights at dog parks.

Clingan understands there are risks, but he says this was different.

“If I brought him to that side then I'd be one taking risk but bringing him to small dog park,” says Clingan. “Shouldn't have to worry about big dogs, breaking up two Shitzus is a lot easier than breaking up two big dogs.”