A Windsor doctor denies just about everything his six former patients allege happened when he was taking care of them.

Dr. Bassam El-Tatari was on the stand in Superior Court all day Wednesday defending himself against six charges of sexual assault.

Warning: the content of this story will be disturbing to readers.

For two weeks, six women have testified El-Tatari touched them inappropriately and made lewd comments to them during visits dating as far back as 2009

On Wednesday, El-Tatari adamantly denied all of the allegations, but admitted that he does hug his patients.

El-Tatari testified he doesn't see anything wrong with hugging his patients when its initiated by them.

The 45-year-old is on trial for six counts of sexual assault. Four of his alleged victims have testified the family doctor hugged them sometimes for up to three minutes at the end of their visits.

However, the doctor says in every case the hugs were initiated by the patients, all of whom he characterized as friendly.

El-Tatari testified the hugs were to comfort them, after breaking bad news. He says it’s a therapeutic hug.

The doctor denies all of the other allegations, including kissing his patients on the cheeks and lips, squeezing their breasts in a sexual way during exams or pinching their nipples.

El-tatari also vehemently denies making lewd comments.

One of the alleged victims claimed in her testimony the doctor touched her back. He allegedly said “is it the only place I make you wet?”

El-Tatari denies making any comments to any patient of any sexual manner.

One of his former patients told the court El-Tatari asked her to squeeze his fingers during an internal exam, to which he replied “wow, you’re nice and tight.

The doctor defended it saying he would never use the words "wow" or "nice”, and if he used the word tight, he claims it would have only been before doing a kegel test to explain why he wanted the woman to contract her vaginal muscles.

When asked repeatedly by Crown attorney George Spartinos if he made the lewd comment after the test, he said it’s not correct, “I didn't say it and it’s totally inappropriate.”

The trial will continue on Thursday.