It's not unusual for a defence lawyer and a Crown attorney not to see eye to eye on evidence.

But in the sexual assault case of a Windsor doctor, the lawyers are also asking the judge to also consider the evidence differently.

Dr. Bassam El-Tatari is charged with six counts of sexual assault on former patients.

Although each complainants' story is slightly different, El-Tatari is accused of fondling, hugging and kissing his patients as well as making lewd remarks to them during physical exams.

The Crown attorney on the case George Spartinos wants Justice Scott Campbell to consider all the womens' testimony as similar fact evidence.

Spartinos is arguing the improbability of all the complainants coming forward if there wasn't a pattern of behaviour by the 45-year-old doctor.

But his defence lawyer Bob Dipietro says of the 2,000 patients he has, its only six complainants who filed charges with police all different women of varying ages and backgrounds and the alleged incidents happened between 2009 and 2016.

Dipietro wants Campbell to consider the testimony of each alleged victim separately.

Back in 2015, when the first complainant came forward, Windsor media, including CTV Windsor reported on the charges.

After that, five more women went to police, complaining about strange behaviour and weird comments made by El-Tatari.

Dipietro believes that coverage influenced recall and interpretation of events. Dipietro says the "inadvertent" collusion, plus the fact some of the women's allegations changed slightly on the stand is enough to find El Tatari not guilty.

Campbell says he will deliver a verdict on July 26.