A prominent Windsor defence lawyer is back at work.

Paul Esco has been found not guilty of two counts of obstruction of justice.

"Serious allegations which would have had a tremendous impact on his life, his career would have been over," says Esco’s lawyer Andrew Bradie.

The 65-year-old Esco had been accused of trying to get a crown witness in another case to change his testimony on the day of a trial more than two years ago.

Court officials heard there was a lot of video evidence that the two had numerous conversations inside the provincial court building and other downtown locations, but no audio could confirm what was said.

“I think you always have to be very careful and I always am in terms of speaking to any witnesses especially at the courthouse and I personally make a point of having someone in attendance of any meeting I have so there would be no suggestion of impropriety," says Bradie.

Bradie says a conviction would have ended Esco's law career.

"It's a tremendous relief to him... and to me," says Bradie.

In Justice Helen Rady's ruling on Friday, she determined the complainant's story was not credible.

“My client was found not guilty because the system worked,” says Bradie. “Any allegation of criminal behaviour must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt."

After the verdict was read, Esco hugged his wife and went back to work in another court room.

The matter is still before the Law Society of Upper Canada.