WINDSOR, ONT. -- Over half of the healthcare workers who live in Windsor, but work in hospitals on both sides of the Windsor-Detroit border have agreed to limit where they work to just one location.

There is a total of 57 healthcare workers, including some critical care and emergency care doctors and nurses that live in Windsor and cross the border regularly.

Windsor Regional Hospital CEO David Musyj says while there has been a big push to close the border to Canadian healthcare professionals, that is not practical and it would effectively shut down the healthcare system in Detroit.

Instead workers were asked to stay on one side of the border or the other until the pandemic is over.

Musyj says 35 of them have chosen to remain in Windsor.

He says the issue is community spread and that has nothing to do with where people work.

He also says the hospital is working on response plans if up to 30 per cent of local hospital employees come down with the virus.