It’s back to the drawing board for King Development.

James King came to council seeking approval to waive $385,000 in development fees for a new indoor soccer field Monday evening.

The proposed sports facility was planned to be part of the former Windsor Ice Park arena on Grand Marais Road East.

The final vote was five to five with Mayor Eddie Francis breaking the tie. Like those voting against the proposal, Francis had concerns other developers would turn to council asking for a similar break. "Did you know that we pay development charges for city projects? Each and every one of our projects has not been exempt from development charges

However, council approved $607,000 in tax relief over 10 years.

After council’s decision King was not prepared to say if the project would move forward. "We don't know yet. I mean we have to go back and see because obviously it will affect the community too. If the cost is more then I guess the people are going to have to pay more to come to our facility.”

King says the original plan included a full-size indoor soccer field with a price tag of $7,000,000.