A Windsor skunk control program set up last year has been cut after less than 1 per cent of homeowners used the program.

According to Ward 4 councillor Alan Halberstadt, trapping and euthanizing skunks for area residents was needed when the program started. Council set aside $250,000 for the program.

However, city managers say by April only 48 skunks were trapped, and some councillors questioned the need for the program at its regular meeting Monday evening.

A number of citizens called on the city to adopt and administration recommendation to stop that portion of the program by presenting a petition with 1,000 signatures.

While council agreed to end the pilot program to trap and euthanize skunks, the city will continue a rat abatement program and continue to educate the public.

Councillors say the timing is good as the city has rolled out a new hard-sided garbage container bylaw for residents, which is meant to take away food sources for skunks and help control the population.