WINDSOR -- A Windsor contractor has been fined for the improper installation of a furnace.

The Technical Standards and Safety Authority says Mark Van Watteghem from Van Watts Mechanical installed a furnace with unsafe venting in 2017, placing the home owner at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Van Watteghem has been fined $15,000 plus a 25 per cent victim surcharge, for a total penalty of $18,750.

"This was a near miss for a potentially deadly CO scenario," said John Marshall, director of TSSA's Fuels Safety Program. "Mr. Van Watteghem and all other TSSA-certified fuel technicians have a professional and legal responsibility to keep up-to-date with all safety codes and standards and be aware of the risks associated with improper installation and incompatible venting components and to know the proper precautions to ensure public safety."

Court heard Van Watteghem had a prior conviction under TSSA legislation relating to an incident in 2014 that also could have resulted in CO poisoning.