The city's Community Services and Parks Standing Committee is recommending a boost in funding to attract more psychiatrists to the region.

The committee voted Wednesday to add $9,000 to the annual physician recruitment funding specifically for psychiatrists.

A delegation from the physician recruitment group spoke to the committee.

Dr. Pat Monteleone spoke to the psychiatric need, explaining Windsor only has 10 per cent the ratio of the Greater Toronto area. He told AM800 News the need is significant for psychiatrists in this area.

"The mental health needs in the community are immense, and so the importance of being able to home grow residents and keep them here for the duration of their career is of utmost importance at this time so we're very excited that they're in support of these dollars," said Monteleone.

He added the Schulich School at the University of Windsor has a psychiatric program, but graduates are still a way off from entering the workforce.

"We currently have four years of residents, so it's eight residents in total and next year there'll be a full complement of ten,” said Monteleone. “So in about two years from now we'll finally get our first graduates out of that program and I believe we'll start to see an increase in our recruited psychiatrists in that way."

In addition to the bump up in annual funding, the committee recommended $49,000 in a reserve account be given to the group to use.

City council will still have to formally approve the funding change at its next meeting of council on Aug. 26.