Nine out of 10 Canadians drink at least one cup of coffee a day.

But with such demand and summer temperatures in reach -- there is a new alternative -- created by a Windsor company.

"This is the cold brew?? It's actually not as aggressive as i thought it would be which is good," says one at Salute Espresso Bar customer in Walkerville.

"It has a really nice light flavour to it,"

It's called Cold Brew, a new form of chilled coffee.

"One of the flavours we are using is an Ethiopian coffee. It naturally has flavours of blueberries, red grapes and a little bit of orange and honey. So you will get that through the Cold Brew," says brewer Dane Charles.

Charles says there is a distinct difference between iced coffee and his cold brew.

Cold Brew is prepared by taking coffee grinds and adding cold water.

It then sits for 12-24 hours before it's ready to serve.