Does Windsor have a rat problem? City staff are going to take a closer look at the issue and will present a report to council.

CTV Windsor first shared the story about a growing number of rats in the City last month.

Ward 2 councillor John Elliot wants to know why. He claims several residents from three different neighbourhoods in his ward have expressed concerns over the rodents.

One of them is John McGinlay on Barrymore Lane.

McGinlay says "I've done everything to keep the rats out of my backyard, and it's still not working."

Audrey Pilon lives across the street and claims to have caught two rats in the last two weeks, each eight inches long.

City officials say in order to keep rats off your property, make sure your garbage is in a bin with a secure lid, and make sure there is clear space between your landscaping and your home.

The city also recommends homeowners fill any holes around the outside of their house, that are larger than a quarter, to prevent rodents from getting inside.

The City also adopted a new user fee in 2016, where if residents pay $100 – the City will bait their property four times. In previous years, there was no charge for the service.

Environmental services manager Anne-Marie Albidoni defends the program, suggesting a private company would charge the same amount, if not more.

Albidoni adds only one percent of residents were using the program, and Council used that information to institute the fee.