WINDSOR, ONT. -- Windsor property owners will have to deal with overgrown or unsightly landscaping if there is a complaint to the city.

Council passed a bylaw on Monday to broaden dirty yard regulations to now include landscape features like shrubs.

The councillor of Ward 2 brought up the concern in September and asked for a report.

“I have received several complaints for the first two years as councillor,” said Fabio Costante.

Costante says the new bylaw will allow officers to deal with overgrowth, neglected and unsightly landscaping.

The issue has been an ongoing problem for Costante’s ward where some out of town property owners purchase a residence to rent to students and the yard is not properly maintained.

The councillor says the bylaw also takes into consideration those property owners who have a naturalized yard and makes the distinction it’s not neglected.

Bylaw enforcement expects a learning curve will keep bylaw officers busy with more complaint calls.