A new study has found child care costs are rising faster than inflation across Canada, but they are relatively flat in Windsor.

The study was done by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, and it found the average daycare cost for an infant in Windsor was about a $1,000 a month in 2018. That works out to $12,000 a year.

The average daycare cost for a toddler was about $10,500 a year, and about $9,300 for a preschooler.

The data represents no change from a similar report done in 2017.

The cost in Windsor is also among the lowest when compared to other cities in Ontario. Only Brampton and Ottawa had lower daycare costs.

By comparison, Toronto had the highest average cost for childcare at more than $20,000 a year for an infant.

Quebec is the most affordable with full time subsidized daycare costing less than $200 a month.

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives says fees should eventually go down, as more federal money flows to provinces to cover costs.