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Windsor business takes part in 'revolutionary' cooking show

A Windsor-based business is taking part in a new type of cooking show that’s intended to revolutionize the way people shop.

Rallis Olive Oil Canada is one of six brands featured on “The Wellness Kitchenista” which had its pilot episode go live last month.

“It's so revolutionary,” said owner Theo Rallis.

The show allows viewers an interactive ability to purchase what they see during an episode thanks to a partnership with the Detroit-based, Clicktivated platform, highlighting a new approach to culinary entertainment while sharing interactive and “shoppable” information throughout the video.

“It's so amazing how this technology will change the way we buy and consume,” Rallis exclaimed.

Rallis said their ice pressed extra virgin olive oil is prominently featured throughout the show, which is hosted by Emmy Award winner Jessica DeLuise, a physician assistant, certified culinary medicine specialist, TV chef, and wellness entrepreneur.

“We want to ensure that when people click on these products, they're clicking on extremely reputable real products because as consumers we trust what we see,” Rallis explained. “So we don't want to be suddenly led down this crazy path of buying. If we're going to trust the show and we're going to trust the people behind it, then let's trust the products that are in it as well.”

Rallis Olive Oil Canada in Windsor, Ont. on Monday, June 5, 2023. (Chris Campbell/CTV News Windsor)

Clicktivated’s proprietary video engagement platform embeds clickable, shoppable, trackable “items” within the video, allowing viewers to take action as they watch the show.

“It's just unbelievable technology, Rallis continued. “It really is. It's just awesome to be part of all this. From here, who knows where it's going to go?”

In a release, Clicktivated’s founder and CEO, Chris Roebuck said the partnership was a natural fit.

“We’re all about making it simple for consumers to instantly access products and information through video while creating a new way for content creators and brands to connect with their audience,” he said.

Concept creator, and veteran direct response TV producer, Marvin Segel spearheaded the collaboration and said shoppable video is ready for prime time.

“Think of a NASCAR driver, all the decals on the car and the uniform,” Segel explained. “It's simply clicking on where you like something on the screen and it throws it to the sidebar, and then you can click on it and learn more, buy it.”

“We’re taking the concept of live stream shopping to the next level with a studio quality production, integration with Clicktivated, and a longer form TV style experience,” he said.

Segel is also the chief marketing officer and a board member for Emergent Health Company which produces original content in the health and wellness industry.

“The livestream shopping experience can be the wild west for a brand,” Segel said. “Our show offers livestream excitement with the sophistication of studio production and even more interaction through the Clicktivated platform. It’s a total win for the viewer, the influencer or host, and the brands represented. You watch great content when you want to, and then you can engage with that content anytime and even purchase what you like with one click.”

Segel told CTV News more content based shopping programs are in the works, suggesting this is a complete change of what typical TV shopping is in today's world.

“We have stuck our flag in the ground saying ‘we're the first interactive cooking show.’ We expect to do it for beauty for health,” Segel said.

“I already have seen the results of what's happened with the people that have watched it. We're going to be doing more of it. We have a team call this Thursday. And again, we're going to be using it for everything.” Top Stories

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