A Windsor company with almost the exact same name as Target Canada is fielding phone calls from confused customers.

Target Building Materials has been acting as the retail chain’s unofficial local switchboard, especially with three Target Canada stores softly opening in Ontario Tuesday and Windsor's Target set to open later this month.

"Right now we're experiencing about a dozen a day," says Greg Drouillard, president of Target Building Materials.

The contractor supply outfit says people have been consistently calling their head office asking questions about the discount retailer’s move to Canada.

"We don't sell toys and we don't sell clothing for children or women's clothing or anything of the sort," says Drouillard. "If they need construction products this is where they come. If they want department store products, that's where they go."

The Devonshire Mall Target Canada location is expected to have an official grand opening in April, but will open its doors for a soft launch in March.

Target Building Materials management say they welcome the other Target and that the name and logo similarities shouldn't create a problem.

"The co-existence agreement that we have in place is all legal and has all been properly tendered and we're comfortable that we're fine," says Drouillard.