WINDSOR, ONT. -- A pair of brothers from Windsor are crediting the social media platform Tik Tok, for skyrocketing their newest venture.

With decades of experience in the Wine and Food Industry, Max and Louis Borrelli launched ‘No and Low’ this past October.

"People Magazine and the New York times came to us,” said Louis. “They found out about our website organically. We haven't spent a dollar on advertising yet."

The website sources non and low alcoholic options.

"The New York Times named it the most drinkable nonalcoholic spirit in the world it’s called Pentire,” Louis said. “It comes from the UK. It can be similar to a gin. It goes really well with tonic."

The Borrellis say it’s a great alternative if you are pregnant, a recovering alcoholic, don’t drink for religious reason or just have work the next day.

"People are putting a ton of innovation and a ton of resources into creating these new, unique products," Louis said. 

The non-alcoholic category is one of the fastest growing spaces in the alcohol industry. Prices range between $20 to $40 per bottle.

The Borrelli brothers believe they got into the market at the perfect time. 

"People are making more health conscious decisions,” said Louis. “Just like what you see with veganism and people eating less meat, they are deciding, ‘hey it’s a good idea to drink less alcohol because I know for my mental and physical well-being dropping alcohol will do very well for me.’"