Quite a discovery for an 11-year-old Windsor boy.

Joshua Ristanovic found a decommissioned grenade in the basement of his home at 1434 Gladstone Avenue on Thursday.

Ristanovic tells CTV Windsor he was moving a filing cabinet with his mother Sherri when they found the grenade.

The young boy says he first thought it was a toy, but realized it was something else after he picked up the ammunition and found it weighed about 15 pounds.

Sherri says they immediately called Windsor Police.

Officers determined the grenade was hollow and called up the Bomb Squad so it could be disposed of properly.

"We've since learned that it is hallow so it looks to us like it's one of those decommissioned grenades that people buy at the surplus store as a toy but we're not taking any chances," says Acting Sgt. Greg McCosh.

About a dozen nearby homes were evacuated as a precaution.