A Windsor area family is grieving the loss of two young children after a multi-vehicle pileup during a snowsquall on Interstate-75 in Detroit.

Michigan State Police say the victims were a nine-year-old girl and her seven-year-old step-brother. They died Thursday when their car was involved a chain-reaction crash involving 30 vehicles.

Detroit Receiving Hospital confirms identities of parents of children who died as Kim Barrett and Glen Greenwood.

A hospital spokesperson says Barrett is still in critical condition and Greenwood is in good condition.

A Michigan man who was involved in a separate crash also died at the scene. The Wayne County medical examiner's office has confirmed 54-year-old Menelaos George Manolis of Allen Park died from sustaining multiple injuries.

Police say 12 other people were hurt in the crash.

“The investigation is still ongoing,” says Michigan State Police Lt. Michael Shaw. “We still have drivers that left the crash scene that still have to get a hold of us.”

He expects to have the details on all of the cars by next Friday.

About 150 other vehicles were stuck in between the crashes. A front-loader was used to peel vehicles apart so they could be loaded onto flatbeds. The I-75 looked like a sea of flashing emergency lights, carefully weaved between dozens of mangled vehicles.

Shaw says the deaths and injuries occurred in a chain-reaction crash around 9 a.m. Thursday morning on a mile-long stretch of I-75 on the southwest side of the city, between Springwells and Dearborn.

“Part of it was over the Rouge River Bridge on I-75,” says Shaw. “But the beginning of the crash was due to the whiteout conditions. Probably the sub sequential five to six crashes afterwards where more due to violation of basic speed law, driving too fast for the road conditions or following too closely.”

It happened during wintry conditions caused by lake effect snow blowing right across the state from Lake Michigan.

A carefully conducted response and clean-up involved Michigan State Police, multiple EMS services, Detroit fire, Detroit police, the Wayne County sheriff’s office and Taylor police.

“We don’t usually have that large of a crash in the Detroit metropolitan area,” says Shaw. “But I-94 in Michigan, the one that runs east and west across the state, is more notorious for larger crashes of this nature.”