The waterpark at Kalahari resort in nearby Sandusky, Ohio is re-opening after the popular indoor destination closed abruptly Monday when air ducts fell from the ceiling.

“Nobody knew what was going on at first,” Corey Campbell told AM800 News Tuesday. “There were people running around and crying and hysterics being in the states, I was thinking the worst. I was thinking there's a lunatic in here.”

Three guests and two employees sustained minor injuries when the HVAC ducts fell. The guests declined transport and the employees were voluntarily transported for medical care, treated and released.

Campbell says the resort seemed underprepared and staff were unsure how to deal with it, focusing more on stopping people from taking pictures than evacuating the water park.

“The rides kept going for five to 10 minutes and I’m surprised that they did. And then after that, finally they stopped the rides and they said everybody get out of here,” Campbell said.

Another local guest at the park says what happened in the water park is being sensationalized.

“There was no trauma, no blood, no one hurt, no one lost, no one disrespected,” Erica Yoell explained to CTV News.

She said staff at Kalahari has been very accommodating during the situation.

“It is sad that this happened, but sometimes things happen,” Yoell said. “It is unfortunate but all is well here. Kids got free pizza, lots of extra arcade tokens and we have an offer of a refund and an extra night.”

Officials at the popular indoor waterpark call it an “isolated incident.”

“The safety of our guests is our top priority. After careful evaluation - parts of the waterpark will re-open tomorrow,” said Samantha Flynn, a spokesperson with Kalahari Resorts. “The operating areas meet safety standards and regulations and are safe for guests to enjoy. We look forward to re-opening additional attractions as evaluations continue.”

“I'm not looking to hang anyone but there's obviously some safety standards that weren't met as far as inspection or preventative maintenance work on duct work,” Campbell said. “It seems like they were running around like a chicken with their head cut off.”