A new Windsor bylaw is just a month old and already hundreds of warnings have gone out and tickets issued.

The City is cracking down on vehicles parked on front lawns.

“We've been from the west end to the east end and back again, twice,” says City Parking Enforcement Supervisor Bill Kralovensky. “We left 242 warnings on vehicles.”

Kralovensky tells CTV Windsor they have also issued four tickets with a $25 fine each.

He says the rule is not just about beautifying neighbourhoods. He notes these vehicles get in the way of first responders working in an emergency.

Tecumseh is also reviewing a staff report to beautify its town.

There's an idea to ban storage boxes parked in driveways.

"We don't think they belong in residential areas, as storage, as permanent storage units," says Councillor Andrew Dowie.

The town is now seeking more input before making a final decision on a possible ban on permanent storage bins.