A former nun and social activist in Windsor has passed away. 

Pat Noonan died Saturday morning at the age of 87.

Noonan was a Nun who left the convent after 20 years and started the Women’s Liberation Group in 1970, according to the Windsor Public Library.

Her group started a drop-in centre called “Women’s Place,” where battered wives slept on the floor.

Ten years later, Noonan helped found the Windsor Feminist Theatre, which is the longest-running feminist theatre in Canada.

Windsor Tecumseh New Democrat MPP Percy Hatfield read a statement in the Ontario legislature on Monday – saying “we lost a community champion in Windsor.”

Hatfield went on to say Noonan “had an intense understanding of right and wrong and social responsibility. She was bold, outspoken, always had a shoulder to cry on – and at times – was hilariously cheeky.”

A documentary about Noonan titled “This is What A Feminist Sounds Like” debuted in 2013 at the Windsor International Film Festival. It touched on the history of Windsor through Noonan's biography.