There could be enhancements coming to the Windsor International Film Festival and Peche Island.

Those are just some of the ideas outlined in the 2018 proposed Enhanced Capital Budget that will be discussed next week during the city’s budget meetings.

Council members have been hand-delivering their wish lists of non-funded projects to Mayor Drew Dilkens, and sharing them online.

“We're up to about $28-million in requests right now," says Dilkens.

With only a $10-million pie, there will be winners and losers.  It’s been a bone of contention over the past two budgets – especially for Rino Bortolin, Bill Marra, Chris Holt and Irek Kusmierczyk. The other six council members raked in 90 per cent of funds in the previous two enhanced capital budgets.

“We're looking for a balance in terms of the funding across the ten wards," says Kusmierczyk.

“Hopefully this year, it won't be quite like that, it will be a more fair, equitable distribution," adds Bortolin.

Both council members say they are looking for basic infrastructure money to fund safer alleyways and better roads in their respective wards.

“This is not something that just some idea I've plucked out of thin air,” says Bortolin. “This is something coming directly from the residents and neighbourhood groups."

Dilkens defends the process

“If you went back in history 100 years, you would always find a disproportionate spend across the city because you address the needs where the issues arise," says Dilkens who is looking for money to spend on city themes and districts.

Dilkens also tells CTV Windsor he wants to find some money to fund equipment upgrades for the Windsor International Film Festival, and to make Peche Island in Riverside more accessible by having a boat take people to the hidden gem.

“At the end of the day, city council decides how to spend the money,” adds Dilkens.

The proposed 2018 budget calls for a 2.6 per cent tax increase. Dilkens says he is targeting an increase of just under one per cent when the process is complete.

Council will deliberate the operating budget on Monday and the capital budget on Tuesday.