WINDSOR, ONT. -- A Windsor restaurant took advantage of last weeks’ snow storm.

River’s Edge Tap and Table converted a portion of their outdoor patio an ice bar.

“It’s just been that cold of a winter season so why don’t we build an ice bar and people can have that, sit at the ice bar and have a drink,” says general manager John Janisse.

The ice bar at 494 Riverdale Avenue is made up of 200 blocks of ice.

The idea was to drum up some enthusiasm, now that restaurants can offer indoor dining in the red zone.

The temporary ice bar is dressed up with lighting as snow flakes hang from above.

Janisse says it’s been a huge hit with customers.

“It worked out really well because a lot of people have heard about it and they’ll come here before their reservation and they’ll have a drink,” says Janiesse. “Or we have some of our customers that are already in there and once their time is expired they’ll come out here and have a drink.”

With milder temperatures in the forecast, Janisse hopes to keep the ice bar for as long as possible.