The removal of several trees in the median of Walker Road has many people in Windsor wondering what happened.

Some people took to social media to find out where the oak trees went on Walker Road next to the Chrysler Assembly Plant.

Ward 4 councillor Chris Holt says he spoke to the city parks and public works departments. Officials said the existing oak trees were 'in rough shape' and over the years, a number of them had died and had to be removed.

"You can imagine it's two lanes fast moving traffic both directions in the winter time, it kicks up a lot of salt into the median and that salt takes its toll on the trees,” says Holt.

“What we're doing is building better modern technology to help prolong the life of the street trees and the project starts on July 16 to actually rebuild the tree wells and plant the trees.”

Holt says 20 new trees will be planted in the medians later this month.

“It's going to have a rubberized mulch and coloured concrete in there. Hopefully in the next couple of years we will have a nice, glorious tree canopy along Walker Road again."