WINDSOR, ONT. -- Riverview Gaming Centre in Chatham reopened in mid-July and owner Carla Fox says it’s a steep learning curve.

“There are a lot of unknowns when you reopen.”

Mostly they weren’t prepared for how difficult it is to “contain” their customers and keep them physically distant while gambling,” Fox said.

“Our players are used to, if they’re on a machine, our tap tiks side, if they want to change, they just go over and change machines, now they can’t do that they are unable to move without us disinfecting them first,” she said. .

One staff member’s sole job is wiping down the lobby doors and getting contact information from each gambler, and asking them three health questions before they are permitted onto the gaming floor.

Fox said she was relieved they only started with 50 people indoors because it allowed them time to figure out the “new normal”.

It also resulted in them calling back 24 employees to work, to make sure customers follow the rules.

“We called back about half of our staff, but on each shift now, we do have two extra staff (to monitor physical distancing rules),” according to Fox.

Twenty remain at home, waiting for the indoor limits to be boosted above 50.

Staff have their temperature checked when they arrive at work and must complete a self-assessment.

While at work, they are expected to wear personal protective equipment at all times.

Fox says in order to call back all employees, they need to be able to have up to 100 people inside their Riverview Drive building in order to make session bingo profitable.

She’s hopeful that day will come sometime in late September, and is actively lobbying all levels of government for the easing of restrictions.

“When they say go, we’re ready,” Fox said.