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WECHU gives update on COVID-19 vaccine availability

The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit in Windsor, Ont., on Tuesday, May 12, 2022. (Melanie Borrelli/CTV News Windsor) The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit in Windsor, Ont., on Tuesday, May 12, 2022. (Melanie Borrelli/CTV News Windsor)

The cold and flu season hasn’t officially begun, but COVID-19 is here and the health unit is expecting to receive more vaccines over the next few weeks.

The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit posts weekly COVID updates on its website.

There were about six cases of the virus across both campuses at Windsor Regional Hospital.

“We do anticipate that come late October early November that we'll start to see an increase in all respiratory illnesses not just Covid 19. We may also see influenza and RSV as well.”

With that in mind, people like Pat Prema are beginning to wear a mask again.

“I'm immunocompromised and because of that I use the mask but here for Thai Chi in my little group I feel comfortable,” says Prema.

Chantal Freng is a snowbird who travels to Florida every winter. She says she is thinking ahead to the fall season.

“We're keeping our ear out for when we can get the shots both the flu shot and the Covid shot hoping to get protected,” says Freng.

The health unit expects to receive vaccines late this month or in early October. COVID and flu vaccines can be taken at the same time and will first be administered to high risk groups before becoming available to the general public.

“Receiving both of the vaccines at the same time is recommended for our community,” says Dr. Mehdi Aloosh, WECHU medical officer of health. “It provides better immunity. Easier administration.”

COVID protocols may vary from place to place so the health unit says it's wise to be aware ahead of time.

St. Clair College advises their students and faculty to follow public guidance when dealing with COVID. Ditto at the University of Windsor.

Local public guidance suggests if you have a fever you have an active infection going on. People should stay home if they are feeling unwell.

“We do ask if you are experiencing any infectious symptoms like a fever, shortness of breath, cough, any type of gastro like vomiting or diarrhea we ask that you don't come visit anyone at the hospital,” Vitale says.

Aloosh says a mask should be used for 10 days from the start of your symptoms.

“We should make sure we don't pass the infection to other people,” says Aloosh. Top Stories

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