WINDSOR, ONT. -- Next week students in the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board return to classes virtually following Spring Break.

Elementary students are advised to check their email accounts first thing on Monday morning for instructions on how to proceed that day.

The day will be an opportunity for elementary teachers to reconnect with their students in the morning and provide them with activities in the afternoon.

Full online learning with all students following their regular schedules will begin on Tuesday morning.

Those elementary students who were learning virtually at St. Isidore prior to the break can expect to continue with their regular online learning on Monday.

For secondary students in Cohorts A, B, and D, on Monday, April 19 and 20, students will receive their 150-minute morning block synchronously and their afternoon 150 minute block asynchronously.

Quadmester 4 will continue as previously scheduled on Wednesday, April 21 and classes will be delivered synchronously for both morning and afternoon blocks.

Some students with special needs will be allowed to return to school in person, however that will not occur until Tuesday, April 20.

Monday, April 19 is a transition day, which will allow for school administrative staff to make all of the necessary arrangements for those students with special needs who have been identified as eligible and whose parents wish for them to return to in person learning on Tuesday.

Also on Monday, schools are expected to reach out to parents of students with special needs who are eligible to return to school.

Bussing for those students is scheduled to begin on April 20.

If a student still requires technology for online learning, you are told to call the school office and staff will try to accommodate any request.

Parents are asked to keep in mind the board has a limited supply of devices.

You may recall that all elementary students were required to have a hard copy of their COVID-19 attestation filled out in order for them to return to school on April 19.

Officials strongly encourage to keep a copy of that declaration form in the event that children may be required to present it when they do return to school.

School board officials said they have not been told when schools will reopen for in person learning, but encouraged students and staff to practice to continue following recommended public health guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID.