WINDSOR, ONT. -- There’s a new initiative that may leave you grinning from ear to ear called 'The Smile Project.'

Joyce Walker says with masks hiding people‘s smiles, she created smile buttons and stickers for people to wear and share.

Walker says we need the friendly expression and the buttons and stickers will let people know we are still happy.

The cost for three buttons is $10 and $5 for six stickers. Funds raised from the project will cover the cost of the materials.

Walker says a simple smile can change someone’s day, so she hopes her creations will make us feel connected again.

“If one button can initiate somebody to smile, it’s going to make somebody else smile with you,” says Walker.

“I always found that before the mask if you smile at somebody it’s contagious, people smile back. So for your mental health, for your well-being, for everything that’s going on right now, we need to have more smiles.”

To learn more about ‘The Smile Project’ visit their website.