WINDSOR, ONT. -- Windsor Regional Hospital NICU nurse Josie Piazza is making sure Halloween is special for the city’s newest trick-or-treaters.

The clinical practice coordinator handmade close to two dozen costumes including a bumblebee, big mac and knight in shining armour.

“There’s nothing more joyful than seeing your kid dressed up as Yoda, or a butterfly or you know, Peter Pan,” she said.

There is also an owl, a cup of coffee and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

“Even during the stressful times that they’re in, we want them to feel that we’re with them, we’re celebrating with them and we’ll get them through the holidays,” Piazza said.

The annual tradition has become a favourite in the neonatal intensive care unit. Staff organized a Halloween photoshoot this year and gave the costumes to each family as a keepsake.

“They become our families and we do whatever we can to make them feel good, go through the experience and not feel alone,” Piazza said.