WINDSOR, ONT. -- Neighbours on Tuscarora Street woke up on Friday to what they call a homophobic attack directed toward one of their own.

Aaron Bergeron lives in Olde Walkerville and says vandals who have slashed tires, damaged cars, and broken windows hit the neighbourhood again— the eighth time in the last few months.

“I feel we are being targeted because we are a gay couple,” Bergeron tells CTV News.

He says his neighbour’s car was basically destroyed, and there were homophobic words carved into the vehicle.

“The Toyota Camry, it’s rubbish. The best we can do about it is we are going to dump it. This is about $5,000. I bought it two years ago,” neighbour Ali Arab says.

The ongoing occurrences have been affecting Bergeron’s six-year-old son, Corbin.

“This is making me feel really mad, and I don’t want anyone of spend thousands of dollars and wasting all their money on windows, tires and a bunch of mirrors,” Corbin Grundy says.

Corbin says the vandalism has been going on for months, he wants it to stop and hopes the police catch whoever it is.

“We don’t know this person, Bergeron says. “I don’t know who this person could be. We just want it to stop, we want this person to be caught.”

Both Bergeron and Arab say they’ve filed a report with Windsor police.

“In three months it’s been seven or $8,000 I’ve been spending on my vehicles and the police and nobody can do anything about it,” Arab says. “All they say is ‘we are going to try our best to catch them, but it’s been three months.”

CTV News reached out to Windsor police Saturday, but have not received a response as of news time.

“They have said they are going to do more to patrol through the neighbourhood, but it’s not putting any kind of stop to it,” Bergeron says. “I’m hoping we could do something more. I don’t know what more we can do.”

Both neighbours hope by speaking out, the vandalism will stop.

“We just want this to be over,” Bergeron says. “There’s no reason why people in this neighbourhood have to suffer for your hatred of me and my husband for whatever reason you have.”