Windsor police are reminding the public to use caution when strangers claiming to be conducting door-to-door sales are requesting entry to a home.

On Friday at 6:45 p.m., two men knocked at the front door of a home in the 1400 block of Norman Road, and spoke to a woman, who was alone in the house.

It was reported that the men were door-to-door solicitors who told the resident that a new regulation required a yellow sticker to be placed on her furnace. The men were persistent that they wanted to enter the house, but the resident denied them entry.

Investigators do not believe that the men were being forthcoming with the reason for their attendance at the residence.

The first man is described as having dark olive skin, short dark hair, late 20's to early 30's, six-feet tall wearing a black work coat with yellow stripes, carrying a clipboard and wearing an ID tag around his neck that was flipped backward and could not be read.

The second man as having light skin, short light brown hair, younger than #1, 5'9" tall, skinny build, wearing the same black coat with yellow stripes and blue jeans.

Officers say a resident is never under any obligation to allow a door-to-door salesperson into their home. 

If you have unknown persons attending your home, always ask for and verify their identification. Always use caution and discretion when granting access to your home, especially if you did not arrange the appointment yourself. 

 If the solicitors seem suspicious, residents can always contact the police at 519-258-6111 if they wish police to attend the scene.