If you've broken a bone, you have likely been to one of Windsor Regional Hospital's fracture clinics.

There's a good chance, you've spent a lot of time waiting for your appointment.

It's why patients were complaining about their experience. But not anymore.

In August 2015, the average wait time was 42 minutes. One year later, the average wait time has been reduced to 21 minutes.

A special team made up of front line staff and physicians started a project in 2015 to track the time from when a patient arrived at the clinic to the time they saw a doctor.

The team used that data to create a scheduling grid to better manage the patients. The clinic was also rearranged to make it easier for staff to locate and store equipment.

Patients have also noticed a difference. The hospital says 94 per cent of fracture clinic patients felt positive about their wait in the past year. That is up from 75 per cent in August 2015.