WINDSOR, ONT. -- The Multicultural Council of Windsor-Essex will present the popular cultural exhibition “Carrousel of Nations” as a virtual event again this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kicking off Friday until June 20 — and again later this month on the 25th through the 27th, this year’s edition is coined “Carrousel @ Home.”

Organizers stress that it is still a dynamic ‘celebration of nations’ – only not in the time-honoured fashion due to current restrictions on public gatherings.


Normally, ‘villages’ representing the individual cultures from around the world would be visited in-person – and of course – the big draw is the diverse food menus. This year, some but not all of the villages will be offering cultural foods for take-out.

Allison Johnson is the Chair of Carrousel of Nations. She’s grateful to all of the cultural organizations and sponsors who are participating in the midst of the COVID-19 situation.

"You'll also see little bits of culture from each of the different villages - so maybe it's a dance routine, maybe it's a musical piece, maybe it's a song,” said Johnson.


“That's all there for you to enjoy in the comfort and the safety of your own home, of course while you're taking the take-out food to enjoy along with it.”

The public is encouraged to visit to learn more about getting involved, takeaway food offerings, and the diverse cultures that make up our community.